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100% Natural Astringent

100% Natural Gum Disease and Dental Mobility Solution .

What Is OralMax?

It is a 100% natural formula used as an oral rinse, evaluated and recognized as a safe and effective substance against bleeding gums, inflammation, and dental mobility. This is due in part to the tannins (tannic acid/astringent) naturally obtained from different Quercus species of the plant kingdom.

What Is an Astringent?

An astringent is any substance that produces a healing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hemorrhagic action, and tends to constrict body tissues. Tannins (tannic acid) are an astringent.

Can help:

• Stop Bone Loss
• Reduce Inflammation & Constrict Gum Tissue (Collagen Fibers)
• Reduce Dental Mobility from Grade Two to Grade Zero (Under The Miller's Classification of Dental Mobility)

Why You Should Use OralMax

There are a variety of reasons to use OralMax

100% Natural Formula with No Side Effects
Can Be Used as Long as Necessary (Unlike Other Chemical Products)
Helps with Bleeding Gums, Inflammation, & Dental Sensitivity
• Helps Reduce Deep Pockets & Constrict Gum Tissue
Helps Reduce the overuse of antibiotics in gum disease common cases
Helps Eliminate Sores Caused by Dentures

Suggested Dosage

The number of bottles you need may vary based on your oral condition. We suggest the following:

1-2 16 oz. Bottles 1-2 Weeks: Bleeding Gums, Inflammation, Red Gums, Bad Breath • 2-4 16 oz. Bottles 2-4 Weeks Helps Reduce Dental Mobility

Studies That Prove OralMax's Effectiveness

Several studies around the world, including two studies from two universities, evaluated and recognized OralMax as safe and effective against dental mobility, inflammation, and bleeding gums.

NOTE: This product wil not stain or intend to whiten your teeth